The University of Oxford

The evening of Thursday, 17 October 2019

Following the success of our inaugural session last year, HOTCUS are delighted to invite expressions of interest for two presenters for our second work-in-progress meeting, which will take place on the evening before the HOTCUS postgraduate and early career conference in Oxford.

The meeting is held in response to feedback from our membership, which expressed a desire for opportunities to workshop pieces of writing in greater depth than simply through conference Q&A. Such pieces might comprise a draft journal article or thesis or book chapter. Please note that owing to time constraints, each submission should be of no more than c.25 double-spaced pages/eight to ten thousand words.

The meeting is designed for scholars at all career stages, and anyone at any stage of their career, from postgraduate onward, may apply.


Each presenter will be required to submit their work two weeks in advance of the meeting so that it can be circulated to attendees to read in advance. On the day, each presenter will be afforded a 50-minute session; they will briefly introduce their project/piece of work, and then the majority of the session will be spent answering questions from the audience and discussing their work in-depth. The sessions are designed to be an open forum for each presenter to share their writing and to receive detailed feedback from the HOTCUS community.

How to Apply

People wishing to apply should email a proposal outlining the work they wish to present, of no more than 250 words, along with a CV to by Thursday, 1 August 2019. Successful applicants will be notified by the end of August at the latest, with their pieces of writing to be submitted no later than Thursday, 3 October 2019.

HOTCUS intend for this event to be as inclusive and diverse as possible, and would therefore especially welcome proposals from women scholars and the BAME academic community, who have historically been under-represented at our events. Scholars at any stage of their career, from postgraduate onward, may apply.


‘Presenting my article draft at the HOTCUS work-in-progress session was a fantastic experience. It provided me with a forum to test the clarity and validity of my research, serving as a quasi-peer review process. The attendees were able to provide me with intricate and detailed feedback on my writing, argument, and source base in ways that would be difficult to replicate in formal conference paper presentations.’ Dr Alex Bryne (University of Nottingham)

More information about last year’s inaugural meeting can be found here: