The prize is awarded to the best paper delivered by a postgraduate at the HOTCUS Annual Conference. The prize fund is £100.


Oenone Kubie  (University of Oxford) for her paper ‘Enforcing the Color Line: Children and Segregation in Chicago, 1910-1920′


Raleigh Cavero (University of Cambridge) for her paper ‘The First Federal Domestic Violence Legislation in the United States, 1980-1984’

Honourable mention: Thomas Ellis (University of Southampton)


Scott Weightman (University of Leicester and University of Nottingham) for his paper ‘“The Truth For A Change”: The Citizens’ Council Forum, States’ Rights and the Marketability of Segregation’.

Honourable mention: Joshua Hollands (UCL-Institute of the Americas).


Hannah Graves (University of Warwick) for her paper ‘The Value of an Endorsement: Reassessing Hollywood’s ‘Race Year’ Through the Debate over Pinky (1949)’.

Honourable mentions: James Hillyer (UCL-Institute of the Americas) and Joe Ryan-Hume (University of Glasgow).


Alex Ferguson (University of Southampton) for his paper ‘“To Supplement but not to Supplant”: Minister Donald Heath, STEM and Managing the Quiet Americans in French Indochina, 1950-52’.


Alfred Cardone (King’s College London) for his paper ‘“Soldiers, in the Name of Democracy, Let Us All Unite!”: The Tea Party, the Occupy Movement, and Neo-Populism’.