The 2024 HOTCUS Winter Symposium will be hosted by University College London’s Institute of the Americas. The Symposium theme, dates, and Call for Papers will be released in due course.

HOTCUS is looking for colleagues and institutions who are interested in hosting the 2025 Winter Symposium around a theme related to 20th century American history of their choosing. Please contact either Megan Hunt ([email protected]) or Kaeten Mistry ( [email protected]).

Previous Winter Symposiums:

2023: 1963: A Watershed Year? (Rothermere American Institute, University of Oxford, 24 February 2023)

2022: The Manhattan Project Turns 80: Reflections on the Nuclear Age (Liverpool John Moores University, 12 March 2022)

2020: Food, Health, and Welfare in U.S. History (Keele University, 22 February 2020)

2019: Nuclear States”: Science, Technology, and American Society in the Atomic Age (University of Lincoln, 16 February 2019)

2018: The State of the State: What is American Political History Now? (University of Nottingham, 17 February 2018)

2017: War and Conflict in Twentieth-Century American Society and Culture (Eccles Centre for American Studies, British Library, 18 February 2017)

2016: “Ordinary People”: Grassroots Organizing and Protest Movements in Twentieth Century America (University of Dundee, 13 February 2016)

2015: Memory and History in the Twentieth-Century United States (Canterbury Christ Church University, 21 February 2015)

2014: Dixie’s Great War: The American South and World War I (Portsmouth University, 28 February 2014)

2013: Religion and Politics in the United States (King’s College London, 22 February 2013)

2012: Punishment in the American Century (University of Southampton, 3 February 2012)

2011: Immigration and the Federal Government (University of Sunderland, 25 February 2011)

2010: American Music and Popular Culture (University of Reading, 4 March 2010)

2009: Beyond Otherness: The Politics of Sexuality in the Twentieth Century United States (University of Sheffield, 27 February 2009)