Details of the 2025 Winter Symposium will be released in due course.

HOTCUS is looking for colleagues and institutions who are interested in hosting the 2026 Winter Symposium around a theme related to 20th century American history of their choosing. Please contact either Megan Hunt ([email protected]) or Kaeten Mistry ( [email protected]).

Previous Winter Symposiums:

2024: The uses and abuses of ‘neoliberalism’ in modern US history (University College London, 16 February 2024)

2023: 1963: A Watershed Year? (Rothermere American Institute, University of Oxford, 24 February 2023)

2022: The Manhattan Project Turns 80: Reflections on the Nuclear Age (Liverpool John Moores University, 12 March 2022)

2020: Food, Health, and Welfare in U.S. History (Keele University, 22 February 2020)

2019: Nuclear States”: Science, Technology, and American Society in the Atomic Age (University of Lincoln, 16 February 2019)

2018: The State of the State: What is American Political History Now? (University of Nottingham, 17 February 2018)

2017: War and Conflict in Twentieth-Century American Society and Culture (Eccles Centre for American Studies, British Library, 18 February 2017)

2016: “Ordinary People”: Grassroots Organizing and Protest Movements in Twentieth Century America (University of Dundee, 13 February 2016)

2015: Memory and History in the Twentieth-Century United States (Canterbury Christ Church University, 21 February 2015)

2014: Dixie’s Great War: The American South and World War I (Portsmouth University, 28 February 2014)

2013: Religion and Politics in the United States (King’s College London, 22 February 2013)

2012: Punishment in the American Century (University of Southampton, 3 February 2012)

2011: Immigration and the Federal Government (University of Sunderland, 25 February 2011)

2010: American Music and Popular Culture (University of Reading, 4 March 2010)

2009: Beyond Otherness: The Politics of Sexuality in the Twentieth Century United States (University of Sheffield, 27 February 2009)