The HOTCUS Article Prize and Early Career Article Prize recognize the outstanding research being published by HOTCUS members. A prize of £100.00 will be awarded to the best article on a twentieth-century US history topic published in a peer-reviewed scholarly journal during the previous calendar year.
Details of the 2022 submission process for these competitions will be available shortly.

Previous Winners:


Patrick Hagopian (Lancaster University) ‘The Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial and the Politics of Post-Racialism,’ in History and Memory. 

Early Career: Sarah Thomson (University of Edinburgh)  ‘Presidential Travel and the Rose Garden Strategy: a case study of Ronald Reagan’s 1984 tour of Europe,’ in Presidential Studies Quarterly.

For details of the committee’s citations click here.

2020: Kaeten Mistry (University of East Anglia) ‘A Transnational Protest Against the National Security State’: Whistle-Blowing, Philip Agee, and Networks of Dissent’ in Journal of American History. For details of the committee’s citation, click here.

2019: Daniel Matlin (Kings College London) ‘ʺA New Reality of Harlem”: Imagining the African American Urban Future during the 1960s’ in Journal of American Studies. For details of the committee’s citation, click here.

2018: Christopher Phelps (University of Nottingham), “The Sexuality of Malcolm X” in Journal of American Studies. For details of the committee’s citation, click here.

2017: Maria McGrath (Bucks County Community College), “Living Feminist: The Liberation and Limits of Countercultural Business and Radical Lesbian Ethics at Bloodroot Restaurant” in The Sixties: Journal of History, Politics and Culture. For details of the committee’s citation, click here.