HOTCUS 2021 Postgraduate and Early Career Conference: Medicine, Disease, and Disability in the Twentieth-Century United States

This year’s annual postgraduate and early career conference will be a one-day virtual event taking place on Friday 3rd September 2021. Participants will circulate a paper of 2,000 words (approx.) before the conference. On the day, participants will deliver a brief introduction, followed by an online question-and-answer session about their work.

The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the social, political, cultural, and economic consequences of infectious disease control, shined a spotlight on the stark inequalities nurtured by US healthcare, and raised new questions that scholars will be grappling with for years to come. As historians adapt to this new context, this conference will provide a venue for postgraduate students and early career scholars to discuss the historical intersections between health, disability, state regulation, racialisation, and socioeconomic inequalities. 

Details of the Call for Papers can be found here

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