Professor Bruce Schulman’s keynote lecture at the 2023 HOTCUS Annual Conference at Northumbria University has now been published in Modern American History. Titled “The (New) American Political Tradition”, Professor Schulman’s keynote invited audiences to consider the impact of Richard Hofstadter’s landmark work The American Political Tradition: And the Men Who Made It on the 75th anniversary of its publication. Examining figures and movements ranging from Ella Baker and the grassroots traditions of the Civil Rights movement to Mugwump reformers like Ralph Nader, Professor Schulman presented his analysis of the new American political traditions that had emerged since Hofstadter’s classic formulation in 1948.

A revised transcript of this keynote has now been published Modern American History in their “Soapbox” section. Professor Schulman has thanked HOTCUS committee for the invitation and the audience in Newcastle, “whose questions and comments much strengthened the piece.”