HOTCUS 2021 Article Prize and 2021 Early Career Article Prize

HOTCUS welcomes applications for its 2021 Article Prize and 2021 Early Career Article Prize, both of which recognise the outstanding research published by HOTCUS members. 

The 2021 Early Career Article Prize is open to doctoral (and pre-doctoral) students and recent PhD graduates not yet in academic employment, as well as those on short-term (less than three years), fractional, or hourly paid contracts.

HOTCUS is dedicated to fostering a culture of diversity and inclusion, and so particularly encourages submissions from women and scholars from minority backgrounds, who have been traditionally underrepresented in previous competitions. 

For both the Article Prize and the Early Career Article Prize, £100 will be awarded to the best article on a twentieth-century US history topic published in a peer-reviewed scholarly journal during the 2020 calendar year.  Articles published in 2020 as “First View” (i.e. online only and not yet part of a specific issue published in 2020) are not eligible and should be held back for future competitions.  Submissions may be made by authors or editors. Authors may be at any career stage, but they must be members of HOTCUS.

Eligibility for the Early Career Article Prize is determined from an article’s date of acceptance (not its publication date).  For example, if an applicant is eligible for the Early Career Article Prize when an article is accepted for publication in 2019, but not in 2020 when the article comes out in a specific issue, the article can be entered into the 2021 Early Career Article Prize competition.

The HOTCUS committee will judge entries according to the following criteria:

  • Potential contribution or significance to both the specific sub-field and the wider field of twentieth century American history;
  • Originality and quality of research undertaken, and/or sophistication of methodological approach applied;
  • Value and accessibility to both specialist and non-specialist readers

To enter, authors or editors should email a PDF of their article to by the deadline below.  Please specify whether you are eligible for the Early Career Article Prize in your email.

More details of the competition, including details of previous winners, can be found here:

The deadline for entries is Friday 28 May 2021.