Below are the details of our inaugural Inclusive Curriculum Winners, including downloadable versions of their course outlines which include brief introductions added by the authors.

Dr Lydia Plath

Dr Lydia Plath is an Associate Professor of US History at the University of Warwick. Her research focuses on the histories of racism and racial violence in the United States and their representation in American cinema. She is the Vice-Chair of the British Association for American Studies, where she coordinates the recently-established BAAS Teaching American Studies Network. A Senior Fellow of the HEA, she is committed to anti-racist pedagogies and to creating opportunities for students to succeed through innovative classroom practices and (co-)creative assessment.

You can download a copy of Lydia’s syllabus and intro here

Dr Adam Burns

Adam Burns is a Senior Lecturer and Course Leader for History at the University of Wolverhampton. He is currently researching sporting culture in the US and its role in education and politics during the Gilded Age and Progressive Era. As an educator, his priorities are creating an inclusive and supportive environment for learners that will help them to fulfil their potential. He is committed to equality of opportunity, and when designing modules, courses, and assessment activities he aims to ensure they are aligned to support learners in achieving their goals.

You can download a copy of Adam’s syllabus and intro here

Dr Katharina Rietzler

Katharina Rietzler is a Lecturer in American History at the University of Sussex. Her research interests include the history of international thought, the history of philanthropy and U.S. foreign policy, and women’s intellectual history. As co-investigator of a Leverhulme Research Project on the history of women’s international thought, she is committed to querying the gendered and racialized selection and reception of work that is deemed to be canonical. In her teaching, she is committed to ensuring that all her students are able to thrive and that they are challenged to do their best work. 

You can download a copy of Katharina’s syllabus here