As part of HOTCUS’ Seminars on the Urgent Past initiative, three speakers were invited to share their thoughts on the history and future of reproductive rights in the United States to contextualize and address the leaked draft majority opinion of Justice Samuel Alito on the Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization Supreme Court case. The event took place as part of the HOTCUS 2022 conference at the University Edinburgh, on the 24th June 2022, on the day the final decision was released. A recording of the event and the discussion has been made available through this link, and features the following speakers and papers:

1. Lizzie Evens: Policing Abortion during the first era of criminalisation.

2. Catriona Byers: Beyond the Back Alley Butcher: Constructing Abortion’s Criminality through NYPD Crime Scene Photography, c.1928-1945.

3. Emma Long, The End of Roe v. Wade(?): Politics, the Supreme Court, and the Constitution.